About us

Who are we ?
We are Mumbai, India based Counselling center specifically dealing with addiction problems like drugs and alcohol.
We are neither a doctor,rehabilitation nor detox center.
We are addicts who have found a new way of living a drug and alcohol free life.


Do you need help ?
Is your loved one in denial about the severity of their drug or alcohol abuse?
Have you tried to talk to them about their problem, but they're unwilling to accept help?
You are not alone, give your family hope.

Families always call about a counsellor when their loved one’s lifestyle comes to a point when they are out of control and their behavior is affecting the family on a large level. If a family is seeking consultation for drug abuse, we can only assume that things at home in the substance abuser’s life is not going well.


We can help
With number of years experience in dealing with addiction, both abuse & leading a drug free life, we believe we can go all the way in understanding the different stages of addiction and the gravity of the suffering addict. A drug addict will try and give you hope that one day they will get better. They believe that they can do things differently tomorrow. The sad truth is tomorrow comes and nothing changes.

Don’t wait for your loved one to hit rock bottom on their own, by then it may be too late for them to accept help.

Drug addiction can destroy any family or anything in its path if not confronted and handled properly.

Take action. Mail Us - help@addictioncounsellor4u.com Mumbai, India