About Drug Abuse
Addicts try to manipulate their families and loved ones, convincing them that the way things are now is the way things should be. Addicts try feverishly to convince the family that they can fix the problem themselves by going to meetings or seeing a psychiatrist. They also often promise loved ones that if something bad were to happen they would simply stop abusing drugs. Almost all addicts sincerely feel they can just stop, or even control their use, if they just try hard enough.

About Alcohol Abuse
Alcoholics suffer from much more than just alcoholism. They have other pressing issues in their lives that they are unable to find solutions for. This causes them to turn to abusing alcohol. They cannot face their problems, so instead seek an altered state of consciousness. Even if you are able to successfully stop an alcoholic from drinking, if these deep seeded issues are not dealt with their lives, and the lives of their family, will not become much easier. Alcohol is used as a solution to their other problems.

Why Come to us for Counselling ?
We provide professional help for the critical days before and after your loved one returns home from treatment. We provide the missing link between inpatient treatment and continuing recovery at home. Most people who relapse do so during the 3-month period following treatment. They relapse because they haven’t truly bonded to their local recovering community.

Some cases are so complex that they require ongoing case management, especially for patients with a history of relapse. We can assure continuity of service between various providers (inpatient, outpatient, psychiatric, etc.), and we can also continue to provide consultation and counsel to the family or workplace in the months following treatment.

We can also offer this consultation service on an on-going basis, if you have greater needs than would normally be handled by follow up questions.

Our Recovery can make the difference.

Our services will help your family make the right decision BEFORE your loved one hits Rock Bottom.

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