Frequently asked questions

- Are you a doctor, detox center or a rehab ?

- Do you recommend or can you suggest a rehab ?
  Yes, after meeting the addict

- Do you recommend or can you suggest a psychiatrist?

  Yes, after meeting the addict, we can suggest as some patients do require psychiatric treatment.

- What is the difference between you and a psychiatrist ?
  A psychiatrist will look at the addict from a professional angle, we will look at the him or her from an
  addict’s view.

- Why should we come to you ?
  We provide the missing link between inpatient treatment and continuing recovery at home

- When should we come to you ?
  Before and after the rehab treatment, if any..

- Don’t addicts have to “hit bottom” before they can recover?
  No, not really

- I’m afraid the alcoholic in my family will walk out of the treatment. What do we do then?
  This is why we come into the picture as ex addicts and problem drinkers. They may feel at home with us

- What if our addicted loved one relapses after treatment?
  Relapse is a part of recovery and makes the addict much stronger with every relapse

- Won’t the addict get angry during the treatment and begin an argument?
  Once an addict identifies with us, anger is rarely seen as they start to feel more comfortable with ex-
  addicts like us.


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