No one plans to become addicted to drugs and alcohol. Often a gradual process, addiction happens without the person even realizing that life has begun to revolve around using a drug. Addiction can happen to anyone at any time. Even people given legitimate prescriptions for painkilling medications sometimes find themselves taking more than they should.

In the first meeting, which is usually a longer session, we try to understand how deeply addiction has affected the user’s and family’s lives. If the addict requires rehabilitation, then we can suggest rehabs accordingly. If rehab is completed, then we suggest working the 12 steps program with the addict which we have successfully applied in our lives. Constant meetings with the addict - alcoholic keeps us in sync with the day to day problems the addict faces. As ex addicts, we understand the addict quite well and can identify their problems from time to time as well as share our experience in the same manner as they do. We can also share with them how we coped with every situation and hurdles we got through without the use of any chemicals.

Family, near & dear ones
We understand that family, near and dear ones are deeply affected with the addict’s excessive drug abuse & behavior patterns. From our experience, the addict is not bad nor mad, he or she is suffering from the decease of addiction.

Addict minus the chemicals is a lovely person to be with. Somewhere while growing up, they missed a bus and fell down badly. They just need to get up, clean up themselves and catch the bus again. This process is called Recovery and the time it takes to follow the path will depend vary from individual to individual.

- On-site consultation
- Help with codependency issues
- Recovery and relapse strategies
- Rebuild family relationships
- Stress reduction skills

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