Signs & Symptoms

Drugs & Alcohol Addiction can affect anyone at any stage. It has not spared anyone including many professionals like doctors..

Once upon a time, we all knew how to drink in moderation as well as when to stop drinking. Over the years, we did not realize that our drinking habit got worse as we started drinking round the clock. Some of us even started mixing our drinks with over the counter prescription drugs and some of us graduated to even far worse drug abuse like Marijuana, Heroin, Methamphetamines etc..

Some of the signs of active using are :

- Disappearing quite frequently
- Spending long hours in the bathroom
- Running short of funds
- Bank balance almost nil
- Loosing jobs
- Selling home belongings
- Lying, cheating, manipulating
- Untidily dressing


Long-term drug abuse also has health effects not resulting directly from the drug.
These can include the following:

- Increased stress
- Malnutrition due to lack of money
- Insomnia
- Depression

As addiction progresses, addicts will stop doing things once they valued. Mood swings, erratic behavior, depression sets in, loss in weight, no exercises, stops visiting family and friends, wanting too much privacy are some of the signs & symptoms. When their efforts to keep you out of their space gets may start to wonder about this change and might want to take a closer look.

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